We are importers, cutters, and faceters of all diamonds and gemstones. With our expertise, we create stunning diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald jewelry. Our collection also includes fine estate and vintage jewelry. Visit our store to explore our exquisite selection.

Sacari Designs

Wholesalers of Fine Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry

Our Services

We provide various services like cutting and importing diamonds, gemstones, and specialize in natural diamond auctions, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship

Diamond Cutting
Gemstone Cutting

Skilled craftsmen expertly cut diamonds and gemstones to create beautiful shapes and facets, enhancing the brilliance of our jewelry

Customer Reviews

The jewelry from Sacari Designs Designs is absolutely stunning. I can't get enough of their diamond collection!
I recently purchased a vintage necklace from Sacari Designs and I am in love with its timeless beauty.